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Wednesday, Oct 22.

Dear Sagittarius, you are in the mood to make some changes to your personal life and begin to be bolder and more adventurous. There is nothing wrong in feeling this way so you should definitely go ahead and ask someone who feels the same to come along as well. If you are currently in a romantic relationship, you are very creative at the moment and this could be great when you are planning a surprise for your sweetie. Go all out! On the other hand, if you happen to be single, your social energy is amazing right now and you may see this as a surprise. People will really want to be around you and you will likely meet some pretty interesting people. Enjoy!
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Member said about

Thanks wayneNoush, Bris

he was very quick and to the point and answered all my questions in a short timekorrena, bc

Answered my question. mswhitesydney, sydney

Such a nice man. Its addicting to talk to him. I wish I had more credits. But thanks for all your help. I will keep u updated. I really hope you are right. MK, mk