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Sunday, Nov 23.

Dear Sagittarius, you will be completely driven to helping others throughout the day and this is amazing. Have you thought about doing some volunteer work? There are a lot of people that need assistance and guidance on a daily basis. Go for it! If you are currently in a romantic relationship, there is a lot of passion and romance flowing around which will be great when you go out for dinner with your partner tonight. Plan it out! On the other hand, if you happen to be single, some relaxation time is in order by the end of the day and there is no doubt about it. You are definitely in need of come “me” time so make sure you fulfill it the need.
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Member said about
Mystic Maddia

Thanks for that really great reading Maddia. I know things have been difficult and hard for me, but i hope the future is bright. Thanks so much for your patience and understanding regarding the situation i'm in. You are so kind and wonderful to have you as a friend and coach. xxx Mark, Kitchener, Ontario

Great reading. Really knows her cards!Krista Elliott, Sumter SC

Another great update with maddia...She is so lovely n sweet to talk to...Her predictions came to pass so many times for me and im looking forward for another prediction and I knw it will hapd I trust her answers and advice!! Thank u maddia ur such a wonderful friend and I will keep u updated!! God bless u!! :) xxxprettyeyez64, ca

Beautiful in depth reading :) Thank you Maddia, your the best out there for sure!!!!Brad, YK