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Friday, Jan 30.

Dear Sagittarius, today will bring you an extra boost to your energy field making you feel rather powerful and wanting to speak your mind and heart. You are sailing through many happenings right now and may need to take time off the limelight in order to re-charge your batteries. If you don't stop for a minute to take stock it is likely that your brain will end up in burnout mode. That is what you want to avoid because all decisions made under that specific mode will not be as wise as they should when it comes to knowing what is best for your relationship at the moment. Keep a cool head for now and you will not be sorry you did.
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Member said about
Divining Star

techinical issues but She was great!!! doesn't waste time or credits!! loved reading with hermarion lyttle, ....................

What can I say about DiviningStar? She is a beautiful healer with an amazing spirit...Our connection is so real, and it feels like we have known one another forever. She provides me with so much healing energy and so many cool details. I have had her predictions come to pass...and am a firm believer in her capabilities and in her as a person as a whole. Simply adore her and am grateful to have found her!!! Carrie, W

nice lady greentea, ireland

she was just amazing!!!so much of positive energy..n g, dubai