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Friday, Dec 19.

Dear Archer, your heart may still be dealing with a few memories from the past and while you are optimistic and excited about the future, you are still hanging on to the past. This is not something you willingly do. You don't really like feeling this way, but it has been inevitable. Just accept that this is the way things are now and if someone from your past is to come back to you, there is a good chance that could happen today. If not, don't worry because as of next week, your focus and energy will be on the future and you will finally be able to put the past behind you. Meanwhile enjoy time with your friends. They will show you a good time.
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Member said about
Indigo Em

Amazing Reading! :)Victoria, St. Louis

ExcellentAJ, u.s.a.

she read tarot cards for my question. her insight was different from what others said, so dont know how to take it, but she read quickly and did a 4 card spread. i didnt have a lot of time but i felt like she gave me a bit of good information during this session in the short time we hadm, nola

She is right on tells it like it is with no frills . She is amazing. Right on target.Chantal, e greenwich