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Sunday, Oct 26.

Dear Sagittarius, your charms will enable you to go a long way today. You are feeling positive and confident right now so use this is you have anything you feel you need to express to the people closest to you. They will surely be listening to every word you say. If you are currently in a romantic relationship, sit down and talk about your view of the future. Figure out if you are on the same page. On the other hand, if you happen to be single, although there is nothing wrong in focusing on your job you should allow yourself some “me time”. Indulge in something that satisfies you or go out with some friends and have some fun.
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Member said about

spirit is awesome always tells me how it is great up date much love to you blessings my friend will def take your adviceashley, lake ronkonkoma ny

ive been doing reading n chanelling with spiritual wisdom for a long time.All her readings are accurate and her predictions have always come true.she is blessed with strong power.whenever i did chanelling with only improved my issues and brought good luck to me.Things i never thought id get.Come to me.i am very lucky to have her in my life.she is a real deal.and she takes great care of us her friends.We luv u wisdom.Big hugs.Bunch of thanks for all that u do for us.Bunch of blessings to u.Ameen.Ty: )zara, richmondhill

terrificd, d

straight forward and fast. she hit one issue on the head! I was impressed and I would definitely refer her to anyone needing answers! I will be back to visit with her as she is also a very comfortable person as well as courteous.22sapphire22, big lake