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Sunday, Aug 02.

Today you may be indulging in on of your favorite pursuits: treasure hunting! You may be digging around in an old attic, browsing in a flea market, or down at the beach with a metal detector - the most important thing is that you hit pay-dirt! You will discover an item of great beauty or artistic value. If you are in a relationship, you and your beloved will spend a splendid Sunday afternoon drinking tea and discussing the intangibles: such as philosophy, religion or spirituality. Beyond that undeniable physical attraction, you two share so much more! Your shared intellectual passions, and your insatiable curiosity about the world and all the realms beyond draw you even closer.

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Member said about
Psychic Maria

she is nice to , but time was too short , will come back again kvy, Singapore

She's so very positive and encouraging! Thank you, mariatarot!Ariana, Perth, WA

Very straightforward. She is very talented and intuitive. Got the right points right away. feel so comfortable with her. thanks again :) will keep in touch!Chiara, Negombo

accurate, amazing, honest and fast, she is the 10 stars psychics. Thank you for the wonderful reading. Highly recomendeddolly, us