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Sunday, Dec 21.

Dear Libra, today is the New Moon in Capricorn, your forth house of lhome and family, suggesting a time of new hope and new beginnings in these areas of your love life; a sort of injection of new energy in your relationship with family members and your better half if you happen to be living together. You will be more driven to work on these relationships now. This is the right time to manifest your goals as a family, so make sure you all know what those are because you will get what you ask for. This is a time for you to give birth to new and more positive experiences. Meditate upon what you truly want and make the most of it!
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Member said about
Lisa Marie

Awesome. I needed to hear that Jeanine , El Sobrante

Lisa is always so gentle with her words. She has been telling me my love will return, but never sugarcoats. Instead she tells me that I will have distractions and time will pass by quickly while he returns. She is a truly amazing woman and I always return to read with her. :)jellybell, Canada

wonderful Lady and very calm and reassuring Great readingBonnie, Riverside

connects wellj, us