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Thursday, Jul 24.

Dear Libra, get ready because if you have been confined to negative circumstances and holding on to a lover or a marriage that isn’t making you happy and if you have been trying to break free and stressed about it, it will break up very soon. Any flaws and toxicity in your relationships will become more visible to you now. If it’s not meant to be you will be freed from it, especially if it does you no good. And Jupiter will help friends support you or even set you up in a new romantic relationship. A friend of yours may could turn into something more. There will be big changes in your love life now and you will make friends at work.
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Member said about
Psychic Jade

Jade is very compassionate and caring in her readings. She gives great advice and guidance, love herRobin, Boston

Had few technical problems my end computer playing up she connected well but we ran out of time thank you!bimi5959, australia

Powerful reading, really caring, she picks up on all of the most salient points, definitely worth coming to for a reading, highest recommendation!Alan, USA

Absolutely fabulous psychic reader and tarot card reader both! She is so tuned in. And caring and nice. I love speaking with her. She is really wonderful!MerkabahMan633, San Diego, CA