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Thursday, Jan 29.

Dear Libra, you have been on and off while pursuing a relationship goal. At times you want to give up altogether to notice a while later that this is probably not the best way forward. Feeling stuck is not good for you because it affects all other sectors of your life bringing you to a standstill that can be rather painful. Remember that if plan A doesnt work you can always implement plan B without compromising the rest of your life. Be relaxed and just know that what has to happen will follow suit when and where it has to occur. Allow time to be your best friend and to help clear from your life what is no longer needed and bring in the new vibes.
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Member said about
Sensei Psychic

Sensei is always a wonderful reader. He is able to do what you cannot do for youself and make sure to listen carefully to his insights. EXPERT READER!!!Summerbreeze, NC

Thank you for your words S. They were heartfelt and I have hope for our son. Thank you so much for this insight into his life. We will not give up on him.Jackie, Philadelphia

Very inspiring words:) gave me a plan to relive and refocus my energy :)Anupama, Charlievillle

GOod reading. Gives good explaination tooBelle, Singapore