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Sunday, Feb 07.

Dear Libra, today you will be feeling a lot more outgoing. This will be one expressive day for you on the love front. You are feeling more confident and you need to be heard, seen, and noticed. Romance is important to you and this would be a great time to go out on a date. You are feeling particularly amorous and also more inclined to expressing your feelings of love now. People will be able to tune into you on an emotional level. A great idea for a date would be to catch a movie, go to the theater or to watch some sports with your better half. You will definitely enjoy yourself and you will want to indulge in your whims of pleasure.
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Member said about
SiStarSpirit M

She is really good...I like my readings with her...Neh, GP

Good reading from her and insightful. Good advice for me to follow. -I will let you know how things go with my boyfriend.Stacil, New Britain, CT

great reading. I wanted to connect with my life partner who passed away a year ago today and she did just that. He was there and I got exactly what I wanted.Jim, baltimore

Very nice healing session.feel relaxed than ever:)Nikolay, Perth