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Sunday, May 24.

Dear Libra, you wake to a brilliant day. You feel wide-awake, alive, energized. Whether the sun is out or not, it makes no difference. Someone has stirred your deepest passions and Spring is in your heart. Your life is changing and your mood is light and lively. Everyone around you is touched by this incredible positive energy you emanate. You may want to vent some of this energy with some brisk exercise, just blow of a little steam before you set fire to the house! If you are in a relationship, this may well be a love for life. It may feel silly, or adolescent, but your heart actually skips a beat when you look at your partner, and it’s clear as daylight the feeling is reciprocal. Are those wedding bells ringing in the distance?

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Member said about
Scarlett Love

very good! thank you for this reading!Krissy, NC

thank you so much, you are the bestdebbie, quinlan

I loved her energy. Very positive, helpful. Thank youGarace123, USA

She was very clear and brought more perspective towards my situation! Cora , San Diego