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Monday, Mar 30.

Dear Libra, today Venus, the planet of love and attraction, is in excellent aspect to powerful and transforming Pluto in Capricorn, your forth house of home, family and origins, a trine, and so because Venus is in Taurus, your eighth house of intimacy, and with Pluto empowering you on the family front, this suggests a good time for you to have meaningful discussions with your family about important topics because there will be harmony between you. As for sex with your partner under your roof and between your own four walls, that can go very very well. The kind of intimate connection you will achieve will make you bond a lot deeper.
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Member said about
Triple Goddess

This Woman is phenomenon!!!! Accurate beyond belief. Listen to the words that she says for they are TRUE and filled with life. Her gift has been sharpened, tried and proven over and over again. Let her bring clarity to your life and bring you into your new season and life. Don't wait because if it is truth that you want "triplegoddess" is the ONE!!!! :-) Ty for your help... you were truly sent to me by God and I won't forget you and I bless you with every need and desire being filled in your life. U Rock Girl...gone wit yo bad self. :-) Much love and respect MaryJMary Jones, Hazel Park

Reading was on point. No sugarcoating. I appreciate that very much. It's always better to know the truth for what it is. And TripleGoddess always gives the truth like it is.Chaselove, Washington, DC

great will see what happens...eve, cali

I love her honesty and kind heart. My kind of person i felt at ease and comforted. She did not need an information she just told me what was going to happen. Thanks!!!!Ravan, louisiana