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Sunday, Apr 26.

Dear Libra, your focus today is in your home, and the nuts and bolts working of your family life. This is a bit of a surprise; a home-body is not what you are cut out to be. In fact you are astounded at how well it’s all working out. You tackled your domestic tasks with the same single-minded determination you usually dedicate to your work, and lo and behold! It all worked out, and you are as proud as Punch! If you are in a relationship, you may be having some trouble communicating something of a sensitive or delicate nature to your beloved. You just can’t seem to get the words out, yet it needs to be said. Sit down and write a letter, or a text. Don’t put it off. Pour out your heart, be honest and it will all work out for the best.

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Member said about
- NEHA -

Thanks for the great reading as always! Very patient and skilled. I highly recommend. Ben, Charlotte

she seems honestteatree, Stockholm

Another very good reading i highly recommend herdennis 563, ohio valley usa

She uses no tools, i feel she is connected and pretty quick in her opinions, and i got what i asked for , another opinionSuzanne, USA