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Wednesday, Oct 07.

Dear Leo, you may be settling in to a new home, in a new neighborhood and feeling very much the odd one out! You want to establish your presence in the community but without being too pushy…Well how about joining the local theater group? That should allow you to start meeting the home-folks and it should be a lot of fun, besides! If you are in a relationship, a lot of strain and stress connected to an issue that has been haunting you both needs to be addressed. This is not strictly a problem that is relevant to you or your partner, it’s fall out from the way your in-laws and your own parents clash when they get together. You two need to be firm and explain that unless your relatives behave in a civilized manner, no more invitations will be forthcoming.

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Member said about
Naborara shahid

great reading, sound positive thoughts.David, Australia

thank you naborara, like said already in private i repeat here, so far all you predicted for me came true .. even things i considered as impossible !! peter , ghent, Belgium

5 on with predictons too Focusing, Atlanta

5 stars....very fast and very accurate tooFocusing, Atlanta