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Wednesday, Feb 10.

You may not be the most sociable of creatures right now. You may be feeling grumpy and out of sorts and downright irritable - rather like a bear with a sore head! Rather than getting into squabbles or silly arguments, go and lock yourself in your room and have a good sulk! A friend may come calling and force you to socialize just a little, and you may end up meeting someone quite interesting who somehow touches your prickly heart! If you are in a relationship, you will feel an intense need to be alone with your beloved, to bond and deepen the spiritual and emotional connection between you. You may be ready to move on up to the next level, and that may be at the root of your need for this sudden and deeper intimacy.
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Abhavya Indigo Raven

exceelemtgregg, NY

very helpful and straight answers =) dimauro, sydney

lovely very truthful x xshell, wales

Best Reading insightful and i felt connections with her words there are often on my mindBakaBox, Richmond