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Friday, Aug 01.

Dear Leo, today, Venus the planet of love and romance is going to be in great aspect to Saturn and Uranus. They are going to be in your 12th house of hidden and internal things. Venus will probably want to be more retracted and low key but when being aspected by Uranus you will have no other choice than to find new relationships. This even indicates that a new lover can be a reality for you or a very good friend could become your lover, although you may keep it to yourself for a while, so pay attention to the signs. Also, Saturn will be there to make it last, to give it a more realistic touch to any relationship you may start at some point. Mars will also have its role and when aspecting Jupiter you will surely get a lot of support from your family.
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Member said about
Wyre and ProphetessTo

thank you linda, uk

one word: Amazing!!!!Maria, London

thanks wiz spot on and very honest thank u sooo muchmel, ca

he is fast, to the point, hes a nice guy and I think hes honest! :) thank u WyreWizardcitamama, ashtabula