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Friday, May 29.

Dear Leo, when it comes to getting support and help from your friends today your expectations may disappoint you now because Mercury, the planet of communication, thought, decision making and negotiation, in retrograde, in Gemini, your eleventh house of friendships, support and long range goals, will be squaring idealistic Neptune, suggesting that it will be difficult for you to think and communicate in a clear and effective manner when it comes to getting your friends to understand you and help you get closer to your goals. There will be confusion, delays and misunderstandings that will lead to feelings of frustration. They may want to help you and their intentions will be the best but they may not be able to. Don't get mad. Relax and understand that this is temporary and it's definitely not anyone's fault.
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Member said about
Psychic Raven

very calm and informative reading,,,thank youmaryam, uk

Great reading with great insight. She was able to pick up right away on the feelings and situation. i cannot say enough nice things - it's nice to not have to go through things alone. Many blessing and thank you for your guidance & honestly. :)Kelly, PHL