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Tuesday, Jul 22.

Dear Leo, now that Saturn has turned direct in Scorpio, your forth house of home and family, any pressures and tensions you may have been feeling around the house and with your family are about to come back to the surface to be dealt with. Any conflicts you may have been having with your relatives or your partner before the retrograde will now slowly be coming back to be resolved once and for all. If you have been a good student and if you have used all Saturn’s lessons wisely, then this planet of duty will be a lightweight on you now. If not, you can expect a more of the heaviness when dealing with these issues. Hang in there.
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Member said about
LEOMOON patricia

shes is very good dont pass her bysusan king, finland

thank you leo moon for our private reading. I believe everything you told me will come true because I can also feel that changes are going to happen soon :) thank you for providing me with more clarity to my situationmelissa, ontario

Very compassionate...I truly felt a great connection. The advice was hard to hear but in my heart of hearts I know she was telling me the absolute truth!Rachel, Raleigh

She was spot on about my situation, picked up on details about myself. I look forward to seeing how things turn out.jennifer, Baltimore, md