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Thursday, Aug 28.

Dear Leo, after much planning and thinking over the past couple of months you are now in a position to know what you want from your relationships and will have a more solid and realistic idea of what to expect romantically. You were becoming egocentric and thanks to the current planetary aspect, can now also see your partner´s point of view. Venus is doing a great job and will support your actions in this sector of your life. Your family and loved ones will once again become a priority and you will derive a lot of pleasure by dedicating your love and attention to all concerned. Enjoy the good spirits and have fun today.
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Member said about
Cosmic Sister

good readingsp-, ok

Cosmic sister is right on the money!!Kelley, Tulsa

Excellent. Very focused and to the point. Thank you.Michael, Haines Junction

Loved her!Patty, Verona