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Tuesday, Sep 23.

Dear Leo, some uncomfortable news may come to you today from someone you trust. You know they are telling the truth so whatever they have to tell you will make you become a bit anxious. You may not have been expecting but you should quickly get over it. If you are currently in a romantic relationship, you may need to give your sweetie some support at some point in the day because they are really in need of it. Pay attention to what they are sharing with you and help them out. On the other hand, if you happen to be single, you will be really successful when it comes to dating. Just remember to really get to know this person before getting involved with him or her.
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Member said about
Hamlynhyde Hamlynhyde

He's the real deal. Danielle Harris, Toronto

Great insight, good reader, will come again! Understood the situation more than I did. Thank you Hamlyn.Daniela, Toronto

As good as ever. Awesome advice and extremely patient. Discuss things regularly with him.Neu, Shrews

Hamlynhyde is a compassionate, accurate beautiful person. He expressed & addressed all that were my concerns without me asking questions. Love you Hamlynhyde... Thank you very much. F, Chi