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Wednesday, Nov 25.

Dear Leo, today Mercury, in your fifth house, will be squaring idealistic and evasive Neptune, bringing you more anxiety on the love front. You will feel more confused. With the Full Moon in Gemini, your eleventh house of friendships, support, group activities, social events and long range goals, indicates a very social time for you, possibly of attending social events or large gatherings of people with friends, but also a very emotionally reactive time of obsessing over these matters. And right now Saturn, the planet of responsibility and structure is in your fifth house of love, children and pleasure, suggesting that the focus of your worries revolves around your love life and your children. This placement may make you more worried about your children.
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Member said about

*Five stars* Very interesting reading. He is very compassionate, calm and unique. I look forward to chatting with him in the future.Lulu, California guy. I like what he had to say. Each reading resonated well w me. Seems directly intuitive, didnt seem to need tools much...hes kind and knowldegeable....good reading.Sir Edmund Hillary, Mt. Everest base camp

Arathor connected with me very well. First he answered my career question in the demo and I do see has a point on the situation. I felt like he answered the question in good detail for the free question and felt his connection. Fortunately I was able to add credits tonight so I called him into private to ask about my love life. He also picked up well on the situation and explained what I am going though and why, and what I can expect. We had the reading in Spanish since were bilingual. He was excellent!!! I will be backKatherine, Chicago

This guys great. hes a good seer and his advices i felt are very good, they resonate w me. Kind person and knowldegeable.Eldron MacPelron, Baltimore