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Thursday, Apr 17.

Dear Leo you may have to help someone close to you today as they are in need of some emotional advice. Sit them down and have a quiet and calm conversation. They will appreciate it. If you are currently in a romantic relationship you will feel that you are especially attuned today and you will find it easier to attend to each other’s needs and wished. You are actually glowing and people can sense the love you feel for each other. Enjoy! On the other hand, if you are single, leave your love-related issues aside and focus on their source. If you search deep within you it is likely that you find some kind of glitch in your strategy. Take care of these issues or even change your approach; you will definitely be able to move on and go back to finding true love.
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Member said about
Hamlynhyde Hamlynhyde

he got the one i was seeking fast,, and knew 3 things no way he could have known otherwise i had not disclosed anything,, thank you so much!liz, ny ny

great reading wonderful and down to earthDerek, fargo

He is very comfortable to chat to and listen to. He has a lot of wisdom and felt as though he knew me.Eva, Missouri City

he's great-love this guySylvia 812, Chicago