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Friday, Apr 25.

Dear Leo, there are times in life that you just need to take a moment to yourself and you don’t feel even a tiny bit lonely on the way. Enjoy yourself! If you are currently in a romantic relationship, today is an incredibly favorable day to approach your relationship with creativity. Your energy and decision-making skills are on the right place and this will enable you to do something very different with him or her. Go ahead and do it! On the other hand, if you are single, this will be a very busy day as you will not be able to handle all the attention you will be directed with. Try to go out on a single’s night and meet all these new people. You never know if your perfect match will be in the middle of this chaos.
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Member said about
Sonic Nova

her advice is on the spot and calmed my nerves. awesome reading :) crystalrbleu, phx

good psychic, interested as how everything will play out....Sunshine, ny

I go to Sonic for her remote viewing ability - a Very strong area for her. I asked about several job opportunities and she told me who would call for the interview -- 2 weeks later -- they called ! Also, she always manages to make a quick connection and clearly tells it as she sees it. curious Dee , Central Florida

a wonderful, light spirit, good advice, positive, helpful- totally recommendSylvia 812, Chicago