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Saturday, Aug 29.

You will be engrossed in one of your secret passions today, reading romantic thrillers! You know, one of those where an astute detective wrestles with a ruthless killer, and a devastatingly sexy suspect? You may spend the afternoon at an outdoor café enjoying the sunshine, your book and nursing a latte. If you got you nose out of the book you might realize that a fascinating on-fiction stranger at the next table is trying to get your attention…If you are in a relationship, you may want to be very aware of the subtle nuances in your beloved’s moods tonight. Something is going on, and they may need to let out a lot of pain and anxiety before they start to put a disturbing event behind them. Give your beloved the opening he or she needs. Express your love, your respect, and your steadfast support - no matter what.

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Member said about
Psychic Hope

she was amazing and very on point and accurate she helped me so much! Tabrea, fallbrook

Intersting reading.. helpful and truthful xvik, uk

She is very very good - she can really see. Would recommend her to anyone. Thank you so much for your insight, guidance and honesty!!Kosmo, PHL

very sweet nice and compassionateilleana, hebron