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Tuesday, Jan 27.

Now that Mercury, the planet of thought and communication, is retrograding in Aquarius, your seventh house of relationships, if you happen to be in a romantic relationship, you may experience misunderstandings with your better half or expectations may not work out as well as you expected. You may have to make some adjustments and changes to your original plans or ideas about what it is you want. Do you want to commit more and take things to the next level or do you not want a commitment anymore? Do you want to get married or, if you are dating, do you want to become steady? These thoughts will be bouncing around in your mind and you will be quite indecisive, thus not ready to make any decisions.
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Member said about

Outstanding reading... very helpful!!! Clarity5, USA

quick and true- good overall observation of your standing in lifedean, windy city

He is always very accurateentice, zurich

He is very accurate, straight to the point, really felt my situation. Thank you, great reading! Drummergirl, UK