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December 2014

Welcome Gemini! Here is your Monthly Love Horoscope for December 2014!

This month, if you are feeling more emotional you will certainly get the support you need from your loved ones.

In the first week of the month, the Sun will be aligning with Venus in your seventh house of relationships. Venus is the planet of love and affection and when transiting the house of relationships you will feel your social life become much busier than it was before. As it is the holiday season for a lot of people in the world and you will be enjoying a lot of events, meeting new people and you may even meet someone who could become a lover later on. On December 5th, Mars will be moving into Aquarius, your ninth house of adventure, long distance travel and multi cultural exchange. This will be quite an adventurous time for you as it will most likely be giving you a lot of energy and drive to experience new things, maybe even in different places. You will definitely be satisfied as long as you keep moving and keep doing the things you like the most. Also, you will definitely find the right travel partner to come along with you. On December 6th, there will be a Full Moon in your sign and this will really put you and your own needs and feelings in the spotlight. This could be an emotional time for you but others will be more available to give you the support you need. Also, you will be spending more time with the people you love but will probably be bringing any unsatisfying relationships to a head.

In the following week, on December 8th, Jupiter will start to move retrograde in your third house of siblings. However, because it is retrograding, although you will almost be getting the same benefits and great things will be happening, you may feel that it will take longer than you expected or whatever you were waiting for will not come in the amount you were hoping for. As it is the house that deals with siblings you will probably be getting over some issues or getting rid of some concerns with a sibling although you shouldn’t expect to see immediate results. On December 10th, Venus will be moving into Capricorn, your eighth house of sexuality. When it comes to your current relationships, you will certainly start seeing your feelings become intensified and falling in love is most likely going to happen at some point. Your power of attraction will definitely be heightened.

By the end of the month, on December 20th, Venus and Pluto will also be getting together in your intimcy sector. When this planetary combination comes up you need to be more careful about how you handle your currently social and romantic relationships. A lot of impulsive and sometimes aggressive energy comes up so you should definitely try to be more in control of the situation.
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Had a very good session. He is very accurate and to the point. No sugarcoating and fast. I was very impressed. Will definitely come backMorten, Denmark

gave me much clarity in everything i needed to know. I truly appreciate his clear thought process no sugar coating anything. Gave me time frames so I can better understand what will be happening in the future and allowing me to sleep in peace. i would recommend him.April, usa

an amazing space with much accuracy and details. I recommend him very highly. I will be back againbeauty, na

Thank You! I really needed the advice, kinda a mentor to me, really you were great. i'm at peace with a lot and also learned a lot at what I should do more and stay positive. lots of love to you!Rudi, usa