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October 2015

Welcome Gemini! Here is your Monthly Love Horoscope for October 2015!

October will be all about your home and family matters for you on the love front. This is because Venus - the planet of love and relationships- , Jupiter - the expansive one, the luck bearer - and impatient and ambitious Mars, are all going to align in Virgo, your forth house of the home and family, suggesting that you will experience more pleasure, expansion and progression forward when it comes to your family. When Venus and Mars align in this sector, a lot of passion, creativity and enthusiasm in these areas of your life will be stimulated. And Jupiter will be bringing more opportunities, more luck and more protection, making your will possible. Because Venus is the planet of love and Mars is the planet of sex, in this area means romance and passion with your better half if you happen to live together or you may fall in love with a roommate or house mate. You will focus more on your home and your family and you may decide to start remodeling your home. This will be an excellent time for that as good results will come of it. A lot of progress can be made.

The Sun will be in Libra for the first three weeks of October, meaning that your main activity will revolve around your love life, your children and having fun. The 6th will be a particularly active day for you when it comes to love and children because the Sun in Libra, will be at a hard angle to powerful, controlling and obsessive Pluto, while Mars, in Virgo, will opposing idealistic Neptune and Mercury, the planet of thought and communication, in Libra, will be in great aspect to disciplined Saturn. The Sun/Pluto aspect suggests that there could be some power struggles happening for you with your children and your better half. The Mars/Neptune aspect will make you feel more insecure when it comes to your home and family matters and this will make you feel unable to move. Insecurity comes from fear and fear blocks love. Meditating and focusing on the love you have for your family may divert your focus back to what is truly important. If you let your ego take over then you will be a sitting duck to this influence. But then the Mercury/Saturn aspect is a good one that will keep you focused and your thoughts structured, making you more aware and helping you stay grounded.

On the 23rd, Venus in Virgo, will be in a great aspect to Pluto, a trine, making you more compromising and adaptable when it comes to creativity, love and dealing with your children.
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Member said about

she's great tells it like it isbouncylady, chicago

The reading was amazing! Thank you so much for your help!! U are a honest and great person.... thanks =))Petra, Vienna

lovely woman. excellent reader. she even described my appearance exactly even though she hadn't seen my pics. very hard to do since I have very long red hair & pale grey eyes. not common. she was so good at predicting.nocassandra, usa

very very nice reading. Quick and precise.cdg, us