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November 2015

Welcome Gemini! Here is your Monthly Love Horoscope for November 2015!

When it comes to your romantic relationships and marriage, you may already be feeling more of a pressure to make a decision and a commitment because right now Saturn, the planet of responsibility and structure, is now in Sagittarius, your seventh house pf relationships and marriage. This is actually starting to come up quite strongly for you now and in fact it may even be more stimulated by the fact that Venus and Mars will be aligning in Libra, your fifth house of love, children, romance and pleasure, which indicates a lot of sexual and romantic energy for you after the 12th of November. This will stimulate a lot of romantic feelings and this can also be a very fertile time to have a child. This energy is certainly great to ignite the romance back into a relationship you are in. It os perfect to have fun with your kids and to be really happy about having a child. If you are not in a romantic relationship, you may be swept off you feet by someone, feeling infatuated and like this could be the one you have been waiting for.

Energetic, impatient, ambitious and sexual Mars will be moving into Libra on November 12th, staying there for six weeks, in your fifth house of love, romance, creativity, children, fun, entertainment, sports and risk taking, joining Venus, the planet of love, relationships, money, attraction and creativity, in alignment, bringing more harmony, more pleasure and more sexuality to your love life.

Towards the end of the month, serious Saturn, the planet of duty, responsibility and hard work, in Sagittarius, your seventh house, will be squaring dreamy and idealistic Neptune, making you more fearful, anxious and uncomfortable about your romantic partnership, a planetary aspect that happens every nine years each time in a different area of your life. You will be forced to step out of your comfort zone and to face your fears and work through them because this will make you a lot stronger. This influence will be stronger on the 26th. Saturn will be pointing to where you have to grow in terms of your relationships, where you need to do the hard work, pushing you to make a commitment. You will not find an easy way out and there is no way you can avoid dealing your issues now, because when Saturn squares Neptune, all your insecurities, self doubts and fear tend to come to the surface, while at the same time you are still forced to deal with your commitment and intimacy issues regardless and you must just try to move through this process as smoothly as you possibly can. This is never easy but it is absolutely necessary. It helps clear an enormous amount of emotional weight and clutter that has possibly been hanging over your shoulders for too long already and may even be creating holes that would be harder to mend over time.
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Member said about
Naborara shahid

Thanks for a clear and useful reading world, fv

good picks upfv, worlf

Wow he is so amazing and fast! Very very connected to your situation and makes sense. He pinpointed the characteristics of a person to the tee and knew the situation just as well! Highly recommend!mj, us

thanks Nab that really really great and you seem know all, and know me well, Thank you for your guidance, and caring, you are so nice, wonderful person God Bless you Nabyleo, j