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February 2016

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Member said about
Illiannaval Zanuttovalen

Very nice and seemed very connected... was very positive... looking forward to her predictions 180, x

I look forward to the future. Thank you very much for your guidance. xoxoGypsy, usa

Had demo reading before private and it was accurate, quick, and to the point without me having to answer questions. In private the reading went more into depth focusing on 3 aspects of my life which llliannaval validated those scenarios and the way I'll overcome them. Looking forward to predictions. Love, light and blessings:)Nia J., philly

I'm so glad she is back! I love her insight. She knows exactly what is going on and I am so grateful for the advice and guidance that she gives. I always feel so refreshed and so much better after her readings. kbj1995, Pittsburgh