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January 2015

Welcome Gemini! Here is your Monthly Love Horoscope for January 2015!

Saturn is now in your seventh house of relationships, where it will stay for the next two and a half years, suggesting that now it´s time for you to get serious about your romantic partnership; it´s time for a reality check to assess where you are and where you really want to be headed. Your relationship should become stable and you will be able to make some long term plans together. If you can’t reach an agreement on this, your relationship could break up. If you happen to be single, you will be thinking a lot more seriously about getting into a relationship and if this is something you want and need. You may find yourself thinking about if you were in a relationship, how you would behave and what it takes. If you do get into a relationship, there is more of a promise that it will last. If you are in a relationship you may choose to commit more to it or you may decide that it has outlived its purpose. You will look at relationships in a deeper way now. When this Saturn period is over you will know what you want out of a relationship and what you have to give, what your responsibilities are, to make one fulfilling. These things will be very clear to you two years from now.

Venus, the planet of love and attraction, and assertive Mars, the planet of sex, will be aligning from the 3rd until the 12th of January, in Aquarius, your ninth house of higher education, long distance travel, cultural exchange, suggesting that you may become infatuated and even fall in love while attending a class, with someone from a different cultural background or while traveling.

During the last ten days of January, you can expect some tension in your love life but if you are able to take things lightly, you will have no problems. Try not to take yourself so seriously.

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Member said about
Leslie Psychic

LOVE HER. I'm a NJ girl and I love her NY style. She connected so quickly! She is extremely genuine, and caring. She is also EXTREMELY ACCURATE! She tuned into my situation and was getting everything and more!!!! She needs more than 5 stars! tiffany, npr

I enjoyed Leslie's reading. She was very accurate in her readings. She was very honest and truthful. When I went to her private chat she could feel my energy like a true psychic. I was very amazed of how she could feel my energy. I have never had a psychic read my energy like the way Leslie did. She is a awesome reader, I would return back when I see the results because I feel she is a very honest person. I highly recommend Leslie for a private reading.wateluva, california

She's really good. Direct and specific with her words, and she cares. I am glad I spoke with her, super in sync. x, m

she was nice and good. Honest, hit it on a nail on the head.Reona, Phoenix