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November 2014

Welcome Gemini! Here is your Monthly Love Horoscope for November 2014!

Dear Gemini, for the first 22 days of November, the Sun will be in your sixth house of daily work and reputation, having you more focused on your tasks and your job rather than on your love life. Don’t forget to reassure your partner of your feelings, otherwise they may feel left out. While consumed by the spirit of getting through your tasks, try not to transform your time with them into a simple daily obligation that you have to tick off.

With the New Moon and the Sun moving into Sagittarius, your seventh house of partnerships, on the 22nd, there will be a shift off this daily work sector to your partnerships and your relationships. In the last two weeks it is possible that you fall in love with someone or patch up a relationship. With Jupiter in your third house, you will have a chance at getting back on good terms with your brother or your sister, if you happen to be estranged.

On the first day of November will be a great day to start anything new. Mercury in your fifth house of love, creativity and attraction sextile Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, in your third house of thought and communication will make this a great day to go on a first date or to ask your better half to move in or get married. Mars sextile Neptune will make you more compassionate towards your partner now.

Be careful not to get too enthusiastic about a new love interest on the 20th , as Venus moving into Sagittarius, your seventh house of relationships, will have you wanting to make strong connections, setting high expectations, but the angle with Neptune can make you too idealistic. Don’t confuse love with lust or need. This is not a good day to start a new relationship because you could risk getting it all wrong. If you have been experiencing problems in your relationship, you may be disappointed then.

On the 26th Venus, the planet of pleasure and attraction, in your seventh house of partnerships, will be in excellent aspect to Uranus, suggesting some kind of unexpected surprise from your partner.

On the 30th, Mercury’s position to Neptune, will make you more intuitive and compassionate. You will also be able to inspire others. On the negative side of this aspect, you could deceive someone by not being honest because you don’t want to hurt their feelings or you may get a gut feeling about what someone is telling you, and you may feel deceived because you aren’t getting the truth and you know it. Trust your intuition because it will be right.

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Member said about
LEOMOON patricia

She is a very good reader and she was accurate. I felt I could be very open and honest with her.Teatree, London

Thank you so much for the reading and the confirmation. 5 stars. very intuitivemegabee9, Melbourne

It was a nice reading, although we didn't have much time. Maybe I'll be back laterHarsfalvi Jonatan, Nyíregyháza

great!!beautywithinone, na