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March 2015

Welcome Gemini! Here is your Monthly Love Horoscope for March

March will prove to be quite an important month in the shaping of your emotional development this year. During the first two weeks, Venus and Mars are together in your 11th house, of groups and friendships. Now this conjunction is passionate, dynamic and very sexual. Venus makes you flirty and Mars makes you fiery, and the two together make you irresistible. You will be a party mood, wanting to go out on the social scene, to see and be seen! Towards the middle of the month Venus moves on to the 12th house, but Mars stays on in your 11th, which moves your still strong impulse to socialize to another level. Rather than being the sexy party-animal, you will be mingling with a more carefully selected group of people, hand-picked to suit your more contemplative and cerebral mood. You may decide to have small intimate dinner parties with just a few close friends, and linger over a glass of wine discussing philosophy until dawn, or you may dedicate your attention exclusively to your loved one, focusing on improving your relationship. You may also find that what you crave is solitude: a time of introspection to acquaint yourself with your real emotional needs. Whichever way it goes, it will be a very satisfactory month for you, emotionally.

March the 1st, your ruling planet Mercury is in Aquarius, your 9th house, the house of education and inventiveness. This may lead you to unexpected and highly original gestures of affection or romantic interest.

On March the 3rd, Jupiter is in excellent aspect to Uranus, and as you know lucky Jupiter is just plain lucky. This time Daddy Luck is in your 3rd house, and you will be pumping out all this charisma and confidence, and that is just so seductive!

On the 4th, Venus is going to align with the Uranus, so you could be meeting a new friend. This new relationship is dynamic and exciting, and being favored by Venus, may just turn into something more.

On the 5th, the full moon is in Virgo, and Virgo is four signs past you home house of Gemini. So this full moon is bringing a lot of very powerful hidden emotions to the surface, be they suppressed romantic attachments, or resentment or anger.

On the 9th, Mars is in excellent aspect to Jupiter, and this brings you another day of being lucky in love! Don’t gloat!

On the 16th, is the Pluto Uranus square, a day when communication can be clouded by the Mercury-Saturn conjunction, so speak from the heart, be honest with others and yourself,

On the 27th, loving Venus at an angle to Jupiter that suggests a more contemplative phase in your love life. Venus is in your 12th house so you will be keeping your get-together small and intimate, or who knows? Just a one-on-one romantic evening with your love; or a dinner with a close friend.

On the 30th, Venus is in an excellent aspect to Pluto and this is a time when you will feel the need for a deeper emotional connection to your love interest. You may be moving way beyond the physical into a profound soul connection
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Member said about

What a great reading!!Jina66, sarasota

she know me way to well and always get it so right on and I love the hug make you feel better right form the start and she is very nice and sweet and so so so much more Chris , Vergennes

GreatRicardo Categnau, CA

Awesome as always!!! Although I wasn't really seeking it, you really validated where I am in life right now....what i've been through in the last year and the direction i'm heading now...So, my friend...thank you, thank you, thank you....Despite my current circumstances I feel better than I ever have in life....and you got that spot on....It is always a pleasure and a joy to visit with you... Thanks again!Gentlewinds, High Point