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July 2014

Welcome Gemini! Here is your Monthly Love Horoscope for July 2014!

This month, love will come easy to you and even if you don’t have anyone in mind, the planetary energy will surely bring you someone. Also, with Jupiter in your house of communication, your love life will be constantly flourishing.

In the first week, on the 1st, Mercury goes direct in your sign leaving all the love problems that it was causing, when retrograding, behind. What it was doing was not enabling people to correspond but now everything is starting to become clearer. It is going to stay that way for about 11 days before in moves into Cancer. People are going to start to communicate more and understand each other. Also, Venus will be transiting your sign for the first 18 days of the month which will enhance sociability and people will see you as more appealing than ever before. The social environment will be much lighter and charming and you will be able to have the time of your life. However, you will just have to be careful with someone that may try to pull you back into routine as you start to enable yourself to be free.

In the following week, Venus will still be transiting your sign and it will make an angle with Mars. When they come together they help balance energies when it comes to love. There might be someone that you are interested in and this is the perfect week to make the first move. However, if you don’t have anyone in mind you will be so attractive that someone will instantly be mesmerized by you.

In the third week of July, Jupiter will be moving into Leo, your 3rd house of communication on July 16th. For the next 12 months your love life will be very passionate and full of affection if you are currently involved in a relationship. This will be receiving Jupiter’s energy and can only improve.

By the end of the month, on the 21st, Uranus is going retrograde in Aries. What this suggests it’s that any spontaneity or surprise is starting to be impossible to be done. In the 11th house of friendships and networking, this is not something that will affect you too much but it is still something you will experience. The thing is Uranus will pressure you into structuring your social life and whatever plans you make. If you have felt some difficulties lately trying to figure out who is with you or who is against you in your social circle this is actually a really positive time for you to get these issues straightened up. However, the downside is that you may have to postpone meeting new people for a while. This week is all about improving your current relationships.

On July 31st Mercury will be entering the part of your scope to do with travel and social availability, reaching out to people. Our close social circles are going to go through a powerful healing process. If you have been feeling isolated you should heal what is closer to home instead of reaching out far but you can do both at the same time.
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Member said about

Felt positive, I needed to check on my Astro charts also Sumanji was definitely very to the point, I feel I will achieve my goals. Sandeep , Bangalore


Wonderful woman. No BS just truth, solutions, and sincere help. Thank YOU Think Blue, Slough

Very nice lady have the medicine for your issues so kind thank you very much !! its been a pleasure queenbee22, BRONX