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September 2015

Welcome Gemini! Here is your Monthly Love Horoscope for September 2015!

This September, you will get plenty of opportunities to reconnect and catch up with family members. Spending more time with your loved ones is likely and you will certainly enjoy it. Solving any issues with siblings is also likely so go ahead and don’t hesitate to do so! However, some power struggles with a romantic partner or children may get you into a lot of trouble so be extra careful about that. The end of the month is a time for reconciliation and resolution with close friends although some connections may actually come to an end because of it.

September 6th, Venus the planet of pleasure seeking and love will be moving forward in your third house of communication so if you haven't been able to express yourself clearly lately and have gotten in trouble with loved ones because of it then you can expect things to begin to clear up soon. The third house also deals with siblings so if there have been any misunderstandings lately with some of them this is the perfect time for resolution.

Communication Mercury will be in your fifth house of children and romance squaring up with powerful Pluto on September 9th, so this is can end up being a very negative time for your relationships with any children you may have or your romantic partner as you may have the tendency to get involved in some power struggles with them. Be careful!

September 12th, a Solar Eclipse in your fourth house of the family will bring up more opportunities to be with your family and really reconnect with those you haven't been in contact with for a while. If you haven't been spending a lot of time with your loved ones then this is the perfect time to get together and catch up.

Expansive Jupiter will be in your fourth house of home and family in opposition to idealistic and dreamy Neptune on September 16th so you may need to make an extra effort to be realistic and stay grounded throughout this aspect so you don’t end up feeling disappointed or frustrated. This is a really great time to at least start to improve your relationship with your loved ones and really be supportive of those who need it so if you manage to be realistic about how much you can really do you will certainly feel satisfied with the results in the end.

September 27th, a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in your eleventh house of friendships will be giving that extra boost you need to bring some past negative matters to a head. If you have been arguing with a friend or haven’t really been in touch with them then this will be a time of reconciliation and improving your relationship with your closest friends. This will certainly bring a lot of positivity into your life as most misunderstandings will certainly clear up. However, on a more negative side you can see friendships coming to an end as to show more resolution in eleventh house matters.
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SpiritAdvisr is a very insightful reader, he has very reasonable rate and wants to help out as much as he can. I would surely come back when I have more questions. Thank you very much SpiritAdvisr!Rumi, Miami

accurate . honest and the best sai, va

Oh how i missed you, I really enjoyed the reading. I love how spontaneous and free you are. You give me life and I love how honest you are. I look forward to following up with you about "temperance" in the upcoming year !! Thanks for keeping me on the right path !!! I would recommend anyone to read with you , you are legit !!! XXXMs. Bj, LA

Excellent reading, very helpful and very kind !Raquel, London