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April 2015

Welcome Gemini! Here is your Monthly Love Horoscope for April 2015!

During the first eleven days of April, Venus, the planet of love and affection will be aligning with sexual Mars in your twelfth house of the secrets. This is a time when you will prefer to keep your display of affection to a minimum, at least in public and will certainly not show interest in anyone in particular, although it may not be completely true. If you are planning on starting a relationship with someone you will most likely prefer to keep this person a secret. For the first twenty days the Sun will be in Aries, your eleventh house of friendships and dreams. This will be a much more sociable period for you and spending a lot of time around your friends is what will really satisfy you. At the same time, you will also be focused on your future and be much more aware of what you want to achieve.

On April 4th, there will be a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in your fifth house of love and entertainment. You will be feeling a lot of emotional reactiveness during this period and a lot of matters coming to an end. If you end a relationship it may be due to an accumulation of issues between you and your partner but, on the other hand, if you are in a stable relationship you could see the end of the phase you are in and the beginning of a new, more pleasurable one. Good for you!

On April 6th, the Sun will be aligning with rebellious and surprising Uranus while communicator Mercury, your ruler, will be in excellent aspect to expansive Jupiter, in your eleventh house of friendships and group activities. This is a time when you will be feeling a lot of sudden and unexpected support from your friends. The eleventh house also deals with your goals so this may also be a time when you will be making long-term plans for your future. Get a move on!

On April 8th, communication Mercury will be in an excellent aspect to unexpected and liberating Uranus in your eleventh house of goals and friendships. You can expect to receive an unexpected call from a friend that you haven't been able to keep in touch for a while or maybe even suddenly start a new friendship, very quickly. Jupiter will be going direct in your third house of communications so you will be expressing yourself clearer and start opening up to the people around you. You should become more sociable at this point and like to be around people. You positivity will certainly show.

On April 14th, affectionate and loving Venus will move into your sign, so you will feel more sociable and outgoing. However, as it moves against restricted and structure Saturn you may feel a little break on your social drive and not be in the mood to be around people. Don’t worry as it is only for a day.

On April 22nd, loving and affectionate Venus will be in a great aspect to expansive Jupiter so you can expect to be having more support from your closest friends and to be much more sociable. However, as communicator Mercury aligned with aggressive Mars are in your in your twelfth house, you will want to be with people but probably not in big events of any kind or getting together with large groups. Have some fun your way!

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wow she is amazing.she predicted exact time period for my new job. now i am regularly consulting her. one of the best to consult here...mayank singh, pune

I want to thank Sugarbare for my private reading - she was right on the money - with where my past relationship was, where it went and why and where I am going in the future. Thank you so much. God Bless.Kim, Pleasantville

She is so very nice. tuned right into me and knew how to fix them. Can't wait to see if it helpstracieo568, US

idk she said I wont get the job but keep being told I will so I have no idea tiff, unknown