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June 2015

Welcome Gemini! Here is your Monthly Love Horoscope for June 2015!

June will be a very favorable month for you on the love front, because three important planets will be in your sign, an air sign, and then Venus, the planet of love, relationships and pleasure, expansive and protective Jupiter aligned in Leo, your third house of communication, and liberating and surprising Uranus will all be in fire signs. Air fuels fire, making the flame of passion even bigger. Communication will be very good for you because you will be able to clearly express yourself, except for the first eleven days. This will tend to be more confusing and frustrating. But overall you will like to meet new people and talk. With the Sun in your first house of the self, personality and the way you present yourself for the first three weeks, this suggests a time of new beginnings for you, of getting yourself out there and feeling more positive. This will be a great time to hit the town and meet someone special.

Venus aligning with Jupiter on the 5th can bring in new friendships, a time of pleasure seeking and indulgence, becoming friends with a neighbor and inviting them over or your siblings over for dinner. This will be a great time to heal problems with neighbors or siblings and to enjoy each others company, except during the retrograde of course. During those first eleven days, when the effect will be the exact opposite. This will be a great month to take a short trip with your better half on a romantic weekend getaway.

Mercury is your ruling planet, in your sign but in retrograde for the first eleven days of the month together with the Sun and Mars, suggesting that your mind will be jumping a lot from one idea to another but you will also be communicating with others, and communication will be a lot more heated and passionate. This will be a very exciting time for you. And all this passionate energy is going on in your sign, suggesting that you will be more charismatic and dynamic, making way for progression. People will certainly notice you and this is a very dynamic month for initiating and jump starting new friendships.

Sexual and assertive Mars will be in your sign for the first 24 days and Mercury is retrograde until the 11th but will remain in your sign all month. Mars is about making you more energetic, more impulsive, more argumentative, particularly because it is aligned with the Sun, triggering a lot of passion, courage but also impatience in you, suggesting that you have to be careful about getting into arguments with people at least during the first eleven days of the month.

Having all these planets in your first house suggests that you will be projecting a lot of confidence, charisma and sexuality and people are really going to feel drawn and attracted to you.
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Cas is incredibly connected- she sees so deeply into the situation and gives the best guidance and advice. Previous readings have been spot on - I highly recommend her!SoulDesire1, USA

Very much appreciate her wisdom and connection through spirit.Maia, New York

she has always been my go to person. Strongly recommend her Purple , zurich

You were awesome thank you for clearing up some questions I had . God Bless KP , New Jersey