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Tuesday, Sep 01.

Stop complaining about your life already! You have the life you built, and if all you can do about it whine and moan, it may even be the life you deserve! You want fun, joy, happiness , love? Get off your tushie and go out and get it. If you are in a relationship, you and your beloved may be spending quite a bit of time with a child this afternoon. This may be your own child, or a borrowed “youngling”. The lovely synergy, that immersion into a childlike world of fantasy and play may have you both thinking about either trying for a second child, or trying for a first! Go for it, Cap, this could be the beginning of another wonderful phase in your life.

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Member said about
Prophet ForU

awesome as always Karla, wellington new zealand

shes amazing love her insight on my situation amazing energyrenee, texas

thank u so much she is really awesome I give her 1 million stars so pleasant an so spot on god love this woman thank u for sharing your gifts with us you are such a gem everyone take her private she is really great .. love her lots thank you so much wish I had more time with you but I am very please with our reading wishing you a great success here on oranum an lots love to you thank you ever so much peace be with you xxooome, around the world

Pamela is gifted on many levels. She expressed true compassion and wisdom during my reading, which allowed me to see how closed off I've been in my relationships. Her kind words have encouraged me to work on opening up to others :) Greenfairy, NZ