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Monday, Nov 24.

Hello there, Capricorn. Listen carefully to someone else’s problems today. It is likely that a friend, coworker or family member is having a hard time dealing with something and you might be able to offer a shoulder to lean on. You may or may not be able to give out solid advice, but nevertheless you should be able to learn something important from someone else’s experience that may help you in the future with a similar situation. The Moon is present your sign today which might make your more vulnerable if you get into any sort of conflict. Your emotions may easily come out to display and you might find it difficult to control them once they have surfaced.
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Member said about
Beridian Arc

He's helped me over and over by clearing me of negative energy, and he is able to stop me from having bad dreams, that used to be a reoccurring problem. Ahz, CA

Beraidian is a beautiful healer. He is such a kind spirit. It's my second healing session...and I can definitely say I feel so much better. A truly wonderful man:)Carrie, WI

Likes!O, P

Very emotional experience, truly a healer. Must have a reading with him! CuriousCat, Toronto, Canada