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Monday, Jan 26.

Dear Capricorn, some unexpected news may come to you today. However, it doesn’t mean that it is very good news so you need to be prepared for whatever comes. Just keep calm and focus on whatever you feel is most important. If you are currently in a romantic relationship, if you want something you have to fight for it. Someone will have to compromise sooner or later and it may not be you. On the other hand, if you happen to be single, if you have made yourself available to date then today you may get the opportunity to meet someone very special. Although you may meet a lot of people there will probably be one who will stand out.

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Member said about
Apolonia Callas

Apolonia connected really fast with my situation, she was fast, clear and accurate. Thank you for the great advice you gave me and looking forward to re connecting again!Rachel, Orlando

very detailed...insightfulsometimes4321, toronto

Ok besides Apolonia being amazing model like amazing reader...I have never seen such thoroughness in cards...I mean all facets of your life will be looked at. Bravo is all I can say.Bronxie, Maryland

Really good insight. I hope things work out for the best. Will keep you updated and let you know how things play out. Thank you again for your help! Christina, Chicago