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Sunday, Jul 05.

Dear Capricorn, remember those Jack-the-Ripper movies with the London fog? This is what your emotions will be like today: misty, and muddled, and that is more than a little scary. Something is stirring in the fog, and you have an awful feeling that the person you find so appealing is not as sincere as you might like. Follow your instincts! Think twice before you offer up your heart to the Ripper! If you are in a relationship, be careful of taking that bad-mood home! You may have a run-in at work, with a client or a colleague and that may leave you high strung and dealing with a lot of suppressed anger. What ever you do , don’t vent that anger on your beloved. You may end up in the middle of a huge argument about absolutely nothing, and you may say some hurtful things that may damage your relationship.

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Member said about
varul arora

he is wonderful really appreciate it.tammy, california

really good reading, knows what he is talking about, I learned a lot of things that I can change to make my life more successful.Pheonix, Israel

excellent ron, detroit

Mr. Arora is very accurate... his accuracy was very detailed...i really recommend him...he is very professional and he is someone that wont sugarcoat and also will provide you some remedies for you to follow...i highly recommend himn, pa