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Saturday, Mar 28.

Dear Capricorn, something odd, and incredible and powerful just exploded between you and someone today. You are still in a daze. One minute you are just talking, and the next this enormous bubble of intention just blew you both away. Take a deep breath. Yes, it is real, and you feel you have found the part that has been missing from your soul your whole life, but calm down. Take it one second at a time. After all, you have your whole lives to figure out what this is all about. If you are in a relationship, and you are not home alone with your sweetheart, right now? You should be. Push through that crowd, right to your beloved’s side; grab their hand and spirit them right out of there. Waste no time. Kiss them silly, then take them home and kiss them some more.

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Member said about
Lynda Spirit Medium

Really cool, things she could not have known. Made me smile!! Worth the $. Not disappointed at all.Krystal , New Haven

Always such a darling, my guides love her and we all love her southern sweetness; way of speech and calm. Makes me want to have bisquits and cream with her for lunch, and dinner. Always love reading with Linda, she connects very well and in such a loving way. much love and light your way dear, c xxc, B

Was very honest and upfront. Thank youM, M

she is better than any therapy that money can buy. Her gifts are amazing. Her guidance and payers are like no other. tiffany, npr