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Thursday, Aug 21.

Dear Capricorn, this is a great day to attend social or family gatherings as connections will be even stronger if worked on at some point today. However, everyone has to be on the same page and willing to not start any argument in the process. If you are currently in a romantic relationship, the effort you have made to bond further with your partner is starting to show the results. You are really happy and able to support each other in the best way possible with is really great. Congrats! On the other hand, if you happen to be single, misunderstandings may occur and you are better off saying sorry right away than keeping the argument going. The rest of the group will appreciate it.
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Member said about

He was incredible Ray Edwards, El Paso, Tx

he really is connected and connects fast great reading thank you so much Chango God BlessMelissa, mtv

Very to the point, fast with information! thank you!Benny, phoenix

Very accurate and very specific. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! I appreciate the advice that he is able to provide me with, and the manner in which she uses her gifts/abilities, and from the cards, to provide me with answers and guidance as to how to move the situation forward. thank you so uch i will keep u updated god bless you:)thinkblue, laurell