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Monday, Apr 27.

Dear Capricorn, don’t feel discouraged if someone from your family needs to cancel in the last minute. Although this person can’t come it doesn’t mean that you have to change everything you have planned for this gathering or event. The show must go on! If you are currently in a romantic relationship, your partner is less likely to rely on you and your help at the moment as it seems you just can’t keep your word. This is a time when you will miss most of your plans with them. Wake up! On the other hand, if you happen to be single, some of you have probably made plans for tonight but will probably have to make some last minute changes. This may frustrate you but things happen!

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Member said about
Master Enigma

quick and helpful! thank youkat, nyc

Awesome! Love this guy! The best!Christin, us

Master Enigma . . .what can I say? He is incredible in his ability to perceive deeply the currents running through situations, hearts and minds, and the manner in which futures are created. He is a true life blessing. Praise God!!Samsharia, Witta

Thank you MasterEnigma for a great reading. Very insightful!Hannah, Boulder