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Wednesday, Jul 29.

Your ear will be bent out of shape and you will be handing out tissues and mopping up tears and a snotty nose as one of your best friends brings a sadly shattered heart to your door. You will be spending your day listening to this tragic love-story of bitterest betrayal, and curbing an overwhelming urge to shout: I TOLD YOU SO! If you are in a relationship, you will be overwhelmed by the realization of how much you love and admire your partner. It’s been a long journey, Cap, and you’ve had your troubles, but the strength of your affection for each other overcame each and every challenge. You cannot imagine a day that does not begin with you reaching out for this beloved person by your side.

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mssaul mssaul

Great help - cleared up for me.Cheyl, New Bern

good reading as alwaysed, stl

She was absolutely fantastic!!!!!!! I loved her!!!Kristy2102, Westmont

great person. good advicejoyce, wichita