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Friday, Nov 28.

Hello there, Capricorn. You may be ready to break an old habit today or simply realize that something that used to be important to you has become irrelevant in some way. Perhaps you have had a crush on someone for quite some time and now your feelings have changed. Perhaps you’re gaining interest in someone that you know already but had never really considered as a potential partner. If you happen to be in a relationship, you might come to the conclusion that this person is lo longer the one you want to be with and you might even decide to break up. Whatever your case may be, it is time to turn the page on the past and start off a whole new chapter.
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Member said about
Estilla Fairy

Doesn't waste much time, goes straight to pulling out the cards at matter, very intuitive highly recommended.Sooriamurthy, Singapore

Very wonderful reader. Nailed it!andrea, eureka

Estilla shines light on the situation very well. Her reading ability is excellent, does not waste time, highly recommended.Caliza, .

Right on point and so nice! Will definitely be talking with her soon!!Eva, Annapolis, MD