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Sunday, Aug 03.

Hello there, Capricorn. You’ll be ready for the crowd today and the crowd will love you. It is likely that you will feel comfortable in a social environment today and many people will want to be talking to you. Your witty sense of humor and irresistible charm set you apart from most people and, if you happen to be single, you might even have someone particularly interested in flirting with you. Try not to let the cat catch your tongue or you may be in for a battle of seduction. Perhaps you can figure out a creative way to get to see this person on another occasion. Try finding your common ground and it shouldn’t be too difficult.
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Member said about
Giaus -Astrologer

FANTASTIC! highly recommend you get him to look at your on as the brits say.kcw, ga

He was fairly quick and to the point in his reading and helped me establish my actual birth time, which will serve me well! He is a wealth of knowledge and always has answers. He's very kind as well, which helps when discussing private matters. I would highly recommend this astrologer to anyone! Thank you for your help! I will definitely be back.luftmenshca, Ottawa

great reading, was extremely accurate.. Highly recommend ej, for astrology reading!! Lynda22, zz

OMG EJ is amazing!!! We went over my birth chart and the transits and it was incredible! He was so accurate and on point with everything about me. He is my favorite astrologer on here. I will definitely be back. I HIGHLY recommend you take EJ into a prvt session. He is awesome that is all I can say! A thousand stars! :)Jackie S., NJ