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Tuesday, Mar 03.

Dear Capricorn, be careful of people “volunteering” information on friends or even your beloved. They are neither being honest, truthful or constructive. In fact they are on a rather dark path. Stay clear, and firmly tell them to shut up. If you are in a relationship, be especially sensitive to your partner’s emotional needs. They may over-react to an innocent remark, and you won’t know what it’s all about. Maybe there is something going on in the background they are trying to get their heads around, and haven’t discussed with you yet. Be ready to be patient and understanding. Your beloved will be thankful for your forbearance.

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Member said about
Love Soulmate

She i very quick to connect and give very detailed insightMorten, Denmark

Kind woman works very fast with clear insight. Jer, allentown

She was very kind and on targettlsimms2008, O fallon

Connected well and right on target!tlsimms2008, O Fallon