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Tuesday, Sep 02.

Hello there, Capricorn. You probably feel a void that needs to be filled deep down in your soul and you have yet to find the solutions to be able to contour certain problems that you have been unaware of. If you happen to be in a relationship, perhaps it has to do with a certain distance that has been created around the genuine core of your feelings for each other. You may want to get closer to your partner but aren’t quite sure how to surpass the barrier that seems to be holding you both apart. You may feel like you are on different sides of a wall, but there is noting like communication to try to break it down. As long as you’re motivated to try and also feel genuine in your own skin, you should be able to achieve positive feedback.
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Member said about
Liz Kaelcha Marotti

Awesome...and true....not what I wanna hear....and that's how you know its real.Anthony, Clarksville

Had a really good conversation with Kaelcha.. She really boosted up my mood. She was quick and honest with her reading.. I definitely recommend.. Thanks a ton Kaelcha!Pooja, NL

great reader, connects very wellsmiley2011, manchester

She really hit the nail on the head for both my questions. Picked up fast and was able to really give me good advice. Best of all, she's super cheerful - really makes you feel happy while it's nice to have such positive energy!!! :)Laughinglight, sg