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Friday, Sep 19.

Hello there, Capricorn. You might be keeping your deepest and most lustful thoughts to yourself, throughout most of your day, especially if you happen to be in a relationship. You may be fantasizing about an affair or become attracted to someone other than your partner. Try not to act upon your desires or you can really get into an irreparable situation. If you happen to be single, perhaps you can make a fantasy come true. Even if you are the monogamous type, you might be interested in some sort of adventure, like a one night stand. You may be tempted to flirt, but lack in courage. As soon as night falls, you should get back to feeling more like yourself again.
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Member said about
Unicorn Psychic

Unicorn43 is an amazing accurate reader, that provides fast insight information. I highly recommend taking Unicorn to private and experience for yourself first hand her level of accuracy and insight!Patience29, Canada

thank you. it was good to get some insight..leodragon, tokyo

wonderfulanon, earth

Unicorn43 was so accurate in her reading. It was like she was there right with me in the situations we were discussing. Patience29, Canada