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Wednesday, Jan 28.

Dear Capricorn, you may have to act as the mediator at some point in the day to help some friends or family members. It seems like they are not being able to solve a certain issues themselves so they definitely need a third person. If you are currently in a romantic relationship, compromising is good but right now it is not your turn to do it. Although it may get you in trouble, sometime you just have to fight for what you want. On the other hand, if you happen to be single, you will be getting along with everyone tonight. Your group of friends may introduce you to another group and so on. A great time is certainly guaranteed!

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Member said about
Zak Jonsin

Thanks for feeling my current state of condition. It was nice that I got some pointers. I appreciate it so much.Joseph, Illinois

very good to get a reading off you again thank youlinda, uk

he is great gave me good news waiting to see if it happensA, US

Wow, I am still shocked with everything I heard. Again, you were fair to establish first the connection prior to reading. And during the reading, everything else unfolded, truth after truth and then the future. What needs to be done as suggested. Plus the comparison of our personalities were great. Awesome. Thank you!!!Joseph, Woodridge