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Sunday, Aug 30.

Oh dear…You are having a dunce day. A dunce day is one of those days when you should just stay at home because EVERYTHING is going to go disastrously wrong and it will be your very own fault. You are going to trip and smash into that priceless vase on your aunt’s side-board; you will choke on a fish bone and throw up IN the soup tureen, you will start to light the barbecue and set fire to the venerable beard of the host… Staying home is good advice, Cap, and will definitely keep you out of trouble. If you are in a relationship, reread the last bit…OK, now add: stay home with your mouth shut! If you can just smile a lot and nod, then you won’t be able to open your mouth and put BOTH feet in it at the same time and start an ungodly row with your beloved.

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Member said about
SiStarSpirit M

Absolutely amazing!! I came to star for some peace and I have found it. There was one little detail in the reading that she spoke on that she would of never known unless I told her. It was shocking yet comforting and peaceful. Give her a try she is great! KL, Brooklyn

thank you so much. such a gentle blessed loving soul with nothing but honesty and good intentions. cleared things up for me and re connected me with my heart. xxxnicmoxham71, perth WA

I love all her wisdom and insight! She has helped me in ways I cant describe. Give her a try. i will back again Ann, UK

Thank You you were right as usual. Best Reader on Oranum by far. I will back again soonAnn, UK