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Wednesday, Oct 01.

Hello there, Capricorn. You may be feeling more sensitive than usual today, which may elevate your mood for love. If you happen to be in a committed relationship, you might feel the urge to cuddle and hug your partner, for instance. Perhaps you may even be acting in a romantically corny manner. You are probably stirring up the passion within you and as it elevates you may like the way the intensity makes you feel and want to act upon your inner desires. Perhaps you will declare you love in the finest words while looking into your partner’s eyes, write a poem, sing a song, or simply sweep your partner off his or her feet and rush into the bedroom.
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Member said about
Love Heera The Psychic

She's excellent!gdkdianne, Los Angeles

She is good.C., Los Angeles

Thank you for your advice! Will come back for more time!sasha, dreams

So clarifying and helpful and peaceful. We have had positive readings and not so positive readings but she is always accurate, tactful, to the point and so kind about it all. Very understanding. Really and truly helped me. I can always count on Heera123. A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ Today is a great day! Thank you!Quest, Houston