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Saturday, Apr 18.

Dear Capricorn, today is the New Moon in Aries, your forth house of home and family, suggesting that whatever you have been directing your energy towards and whatever has been building up for you in these areas of your life and that you have been dealing with for the past month, will now be locking into a pattern for the next four weeks. You will remain busy working towards fulfilling your recent resolutions and getting a second chance to make sure they happen. You will now be able to let go of what is no longer serving your higher purpose and what has been holding you back in these areas on the love front.
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Member said about
LoveDrNikki Psychic

Thanks for the read. d2k1000, san diego

i was feeling anxious and over thinking a situation and she helped me to realize i was over thinking it. She is honest and to the point and tells you in a caring matter that you understand. korrena, bc

great advice as always halo, x

Nikki always has great insight into everything that I ask her! She's all about giving you the truth! Love that!thisjourney, Ontario, Canada