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Monday, Dec 22.

Dear Cancer, today you may find it hard to balance your personal life and your duties on the career front. If your better half complains about explain what is going on in a loving way. If you lash out in the same tone, you will get nowhere. No matter how much your partner’s attitude is aggressive or selfish; being the same way will only make things worse. Lead by example and show how to communicate with love. Love is always the answer.
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Member said about
Master Angel

Wow.. today she literally shocked me when she said something that was running in my mind , only i knew.. i was planing on taking a revenge on one of the friends , and no one knew abt it but me..OMG she just said that while reading me..i am shocked..she is amazing..relaly gifted ..i cant belive someone can see through someone's mind so was very subtle and deep rooted thought that was going on in my mind..she caught it.. and also advise me not to make a mistke like thta :)) so m glad i am saved.. and her predictions , always happen including the time frame... no one has been so accurate to me ever as she is..i am really gonna never gonna stop coming to her ..she is my psychic for life... love u much take care .bless u..ur amazingly gifted...xoxoxoxniha, USA

The best on here. whenever i need any advise i only chose her coz she is the only one on Oranum whose predictions came true for me and continue to come true .. and i know her for more than 2.5 years , so u know why i would still stick to her n only her. awesome angel. thanks much .. bless u always...Niha, usa

Interesting. Seems like she was good physic.hhh, bbbb

Thanks Angel. very tough tme.. i hope gonna go through and come out strong and blessings for being there always..for 2.5 years now..u mean so much xoxoxox god belss u...Niha, USA