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Tuesday, Sep 01.

Your usual Cancerian reticence has gone out the window with the dawn! You just woke up energized and confident and full of ideas and opinions, and you want to share them with the world. Your brand new confidence is very attractive and may be bringing you to the attention of some fascinating people. By the way, that person you quite fancied? That person may just be waiting for you to manifest your interest and make your first move! If you are in a relationship, you are just as bubbly and confident! You will be brimming over with the joy of living and much more inclined to show your feelings than is usual. Sweep your love away with a display of tenderness and passion!

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Member said about
Vix Visions

Vix is just outclass in his readings. He was 100% spot on about what was going on in my life...He told me something that was my biggest secret....i was like OOOMMMGGG.....will for sure get back to him again.Clarissa Pinkola, UK

enjoyed the reading and he is accurate in the reading .thank you so much for all the insight sanab11, india

Vix is so down to earth no frills just solid insight and advice. He was exceptionally on point in getting to the root of my relationship issue, and guided me in the direction for a positive outlook. He is awesome! thumbs Up!!Cordie167, East Coast

thanksfor my reading I found vix to be very honest and I appreciate his advice thankyout, uk