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Tuesday, May 26.

Dear Cancer, your intuition will be extraordinarily powerful today and you may find that you have dreams that give you clues as to people’s true feelings and intentions. Your sensitivity will alert you to someone’s inner turmoil, and you will be able to help that person overcome a particularly dark moment. Be aware of your own needs. You expend a lot of energy helping others, and that may leave you vulnerable to emotional exhaustion. If you are in a relationship, the recent past has been filled with conflict, and it seemed as if the barriers between you were insuperable. Take heart, a frank talk will clear the air and open the way for a full reconciliation. Better and happier days are on their way!

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Member said about
Stella Vegas

she was really slow and didn't seem sure. I am not that confident it was true. she promised to send forecast so if its helpful then it was worth the reading. we will seeFelicia, oakland

satisfied, very good denise, usa

Straight to the point, quick with her answers, very detailed. Glad to have had the reading even if it wasn't what I really wanted to hear. And she's a deal right now being a new reader on Oranum, so don't be afraid to give her a try!Sporetobemore, Canada

Very good reading with a lot of information and detail. I am really looking forward to future things Harold, Portsmouth, Va