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Sunday, Feb 01.

Dear Cancer, today, Venus the planet of love and affection, will be aligning with idealistic and inspiring Neptune in your ninth house of philosophy, spirituality, higher education, cultural exchange and long distance travel, suggesting that you will be more open minded and adventurous on the love front because you are going through a time when you will really be trying to find more meaning in your life and enriching yourself in the spiritual sense. Venus and Neptune can also bring a lot of romantic energy to the ninth house which suggests that you will most likely be falling in love while travelling or with someone from a different cultural background from your own.

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Member said about
Psychic Gerasim

He has helped me many times - he is a wonderful healer - a very special man.L, CA

He was on point about the whole situation very honest and detailed reading he can play out whatever is happening in your life.rani, My town

ReikiVortex is a very nice and friendly reader!!!! He was spot on from the very first minute and quickly started telling me what's going on. His cards are amazing and will give u the answers u need, and within no time too!!!! I highly recommend this reader if you are seeking the truth!!!!!Laura , Sun Valley

Wow he really tells alot... i loved the reading thanks!!!Ash, Orlando