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Thursday, Nov 26.

Dear Cancer, today there will be a square between serious Saturn, in Sagittarius, your sixth house of health and idealistic and evasive Neptune, the planet of denial, suggesting that you could feel quite drained and tired. But even so, you need to keep exercising and moving through this energy so that you can keep your energy levels up even if you do not exactly feel like it. This can make you more insecure and anxious because this is a time when you will just have to face your fears and work through them to be able to get stronger no matter what. There may be someone who is sick and you may be the one having to take responsibility for them now. You may get more worried about your own health or someone else's health or really stressed and worried about someone you happen to be taking care of.
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Member said about

Phenomenal! Clear, concise, and to the point! Many Thanks!!!Roy, Jersey City

Told me what I was feeling was correct. I will stay the course and try not to get discouragedoscarbuffy, long beach

awesome! what a sweet guy, very honest and positive....cant wait for another reading!sandra, nyc

AMAZING!Gabriel, Brisbane, QLD