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Monday, Mar 02.

Dear Cancer, someone has an eye on you. Flattering, isn’t it? And it’s someone who looks pretty good! But before you jump in, take another look. Handsome is as handsome does. It wouldn’t be the first time a pretty package has a rotten something inside, so don’t fall for a pretty line! Use that intuition, and what ever it says, follow it. In fact you have a very finely tuned sixth-sense and have been right regarding prospective lovers of friends time after time. Listen to yourself for once. Don’t settle for anything - or anyone - less than the absolute best. And the inside has to be beautiful, not just the outside. If you ever have to choose? Choose the beautiful soul every time. Beauty of the flesh fades, beauty of the soul grows and illuminates the plainest face to incandescent grace.

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Member said about
TG Tarot Psychic

Nice tarot reading, explained things well. Made sense to my lifeLA, EP

really nice.Lani, las vegas

A wonderful reader very nice and patient. He is so down to earth. Very informative. Thank u for the healing session also. Big universal hugs and blessings...Happy New Year!!star, the universe

he was really helpful. very good reiki sessionMatt, Sydney