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Monday, Oct 05.

You are definitely walking on air! You have your head in the clouds, and all you can think of is LOVE! Poor Cancer, some might say you are moonstruck! And you are…That mischievous tidal pull of love has your poor little Crab heart skipping a beat! If you are in a relationship, you may be considering marriage as the next logical step. Do remember that although a sensible choice is important, rationality and logic are not prime reasons for marriage. Common-sense is not going to keep you warm on a cold night, or light any fires on your darkest night; so don’t make a safe choice, Cancer. Choose a mate for all the logical and the illogical reasons: choose love.

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Member said about
Starlene Breiter

Starlene has an awesome ability to really connect with me and she is so encouraging and right on the spot with everything. She is sensitive to my life and emotions and actions and has brought a huge amount of courage to my life to step out of my shell and have faith on my journey in life :) Thank you so much sweet, wise Star! You are awesome and i recommend you to all!!! Love & Peace!!Dolores, richmond

:) :) ale, sd

So much to say about wonderful Starlene. She has tremendous skill, grace, and genuine care for her clients. She will read for as long or as little as you like. You can ask her any question. My time with her is enlightening and comforting. And she's a pro. She's been doing this for a long time and knows what she's doing. I recommend her highly. She has enhanced my life. Leslee, L.A.

thank you Star.. you are the best and a Star!g, nyc